In today’s age of instant e-mail communication, automated telephone systems and cloud computing, protecting your IT infrastructure from downtime is an essential goal of almost every business.


Network Management & Security

Correctly implementing your IT network can help to save your business thousands of pounds, troubleshooting issues at the planning stage before they appear further down the line.

The value of your company’s data can never be underestimated which is why it’s so important to secure your network effectively against the threat of cyber crime. We can assist with the transition into BYOD policies whilst ensuring that customer data is kept secure at all times.

By understanding your plans for growth, Iconic FM can help to future proof your business against increased demands on your IT network and infrastructure, reducing the need for wide scale overhaul in the years to come.

Teaching your staff how to both prevent and respond to the threat of fire can pay huge dividends in the future safety of your employees, business assets, stock and data..

From stock room management and storage safety to machinery use and handling chemicals, targeted training can go a long way to reducing the risk of fire damage to your business.

Telephony & Communications

Managing a professional telephony and communications system can have an immediate impact on the efficiency of your inbound and outbound telephone operations.

From customer focused call centres to Director level conferencing systems, Iconic FM will work with you to tailor a system that meets the demands of your business.

Disaster Prevention & Recovery

Every aspect of each IT network is subject to failure, whether through human error or a malfunctioning part.

Whilst it’s impossible to eliminate every potential scenario which can see key parts of your network go down, it is possible to significantly limit the impact of these network failures by implementing thorough Disaster Recovery processes.

Automated data backups, the reconnection of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and on-site power generators are just some of the way that we can build a suitable strategy for your business.

Data Storage

The security of your customer and business data is paramount, particularly when it comes to handling payment, identity, and other confidential information.

The constant game of cat and mouse between security systems and cyber threats means that businesses of all sizes need to regularly upgrade their security operations. Iconic FM can provide secure data storage facilities, accessible both through the cloud and via hard storage.

Prefer to keep your information on site? We can discuss a wide range of secure server solutions to keep key information protected 24 hours a day.


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