Why Maintenance Is Always Better Than Repair

A question that we hear quite often in the facilities management trade is, “Why is maintenance always better than repair?” By focusing on maintenance, you are being proactive to get things always working smoothly. You will know when something is about to break down or fail. You could replace it before other components are affected.

Regardless of whether you are an investment property owner, or a business owner, there should be a preventive maintenance plan as your pre-emptive strategy. Some business owners are reluctant to perform regular maintenance of their equipment, due to cost and the possibility of downtime in the production process. In reality, it will be more expensive and it will take longer to repair, if malfunctions have already happened.

Higher Reliability Production Cycle

Regular maintenance ensures that your project management production cycle works longer with higher reliability. Losing a minute of production time is similar to throwing money out of the window. Keeping your whole system running requires maintenance and it’s something that you shouldn’t neglect. Nobody complains when everything is going well, but if something fails, all fingers could be pointed at you.

Here are some reasons why you should prioritise maintenance rather than waiting for an imminent malfunction:

A More Efficient System- regular maintenance could ensure that equipment is working efficiently. Managers and workers can have more faith that the system will work smoothly without any complications.

Better Use Of Financial Resources- it’s clear that repair jobs are very expensive. When a component is malfunctioning, the equipment is usually still working at full capacity, but when it breaks down completely, you may find that multiple components are already damaged beyond repair. With periodic reviews, you can check whether hard-working components are showing signs of wear and tear. When they approach the end of their usability, you could replace them at relatively lower costs.

Longer Lasting Equipment- it’s far cheaper to maintain your equipment, than replace it. Preventive maintenance can significantly extend the life of your equipment, because all parts are kept in good working order.

Comprehensive Information On Operational State- a comprehensive system maintenance plan gives managers a holistic perspective on the operations of their business. They know about the use of resources and the production levels. They can make informed and accurate decisions to make the system more reliable and productive.

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